Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hump Day

Hi all,

Japan remains. Let me catch you up.

Friday was a nice evening. I actually decided to eat my own food here and just lay low for the evening. Because of the SWEET new reading material that Amanda gifted us with, I was completely content with myself and my book(s). Life of Pi was a pretty cool read. It's a novel about a boy and a tiger...that's all I'll say. Pick it up if you get a chance. Here's an interesting quote from the book:

"Christianity is a religion in a rush. Look at the world created in seven days. Even on a symbolic level, that's creation in a frenzy. To one born in a religion where the battle for a single soul can be a relay race run over many centuries, with innumerable generations passing along the baton, the quick resolution of Christianity has a dizzying effect. If Hinduism flows placidly like the Ganges, then Christianity bustles like Tokyo at rush hour. It is a religion as swift as a swallow, as urgent as an ambulance. It turns on a dime, expresses itself in an instant. In a moment you are lost or saved. Christianity stretches back through the ages, but in essence it exists only at one time: right now."

Chew on...then digest.

Anyways, Saturday turned out to be really great too. We spent the day with Yamaji-sensei, one of the teachers from the kindergarten. She doesn't speak much English but we were accompanied by her parents who do! We traveled to Boso Villiage, an old area dating back to the Edo Period. It was really interesting. Here are a few pictures.-- Thanks Sarah and Krista for letting me gank a couple of these from your Facebook!

Male kimono...
I wanted to at least have a tough pose.

On Sunday, we did the usual. Mall, church, mall/groceries, hang out. Here's a peek at my groceries for the week:

oj, ham, bananas, lettuce, mandarin oranges, carrot, blueberry yogurt, bread, tomatoes, ramen...

On Monday evening, we made a trip to Katoko-sensei's house. She is the mother of Satoko who met us at Kabukiza theater a couple of weeks ago. We went to their house at about 6:30 and spent the evening making and eating some really unique (and delicious) foods. The main dish was called takoyaki. Takoyaki is basically like a pancake ball with a slice of octopus in the center. It was pretty tasty and we all ate wayyyyy too much. Here are a few pics from the night!

Takoyaki. Finished product. Yummm.

After dinner, happy as can be.

Dessert of doughnuts and tea. I snagged Teto for the pic!

So that's it for now. I wanna read and then sleep!


Jackson said...

That kimono is very becoming.

Korey Anna said...

The pose was super tough though...

:) I have really enjoyed reading your blog, Mike. Keep us updated and keep exploring!