Wednesday, January 7, 2009

US 23-Traffic like molasses? or icier than Jay-Z?

Here I sit.
Yes, in my Blue S-10 that is too old to be operating in conditions like this.
No, this S10 doesn’t like this weather. She’s a Florida girl. Dad got her for ME when I was 14.
Yes, with my 3 surviving fish, swimming next to me in a used caramel-popcorn tub. Hopefully they are a bit more resilient than the rest.
No, fish aren't always food.
Yes, with the roads slicker than Joe’s rink, right after a zamboni has worked its magic.
No, the roads are not clearing. A Zamboni might make it less slippery.
Yes, as NPR announces that there is freezing rain in Ann Arbor and that the side walks might be icy. "USE EXTREME CAUTION IF YOU ARE WALKING YOUR DOG," they say.
No, NPR isn’t only for sophisticated liberals.
Yes, as the Fed Ex driver next to me, the poor soul, found himself quickly on his bottom as he was attempting to clean his mirror.
No, Fed Ex men don’t fall often; but, when they do, it is funny stuff.
Yes, as the Buick LeSabre’s and Honda Civic’s are performing illegal maneuvers going “off” an “on” ramp.
No, illegal maneuvers might not really be so illegal in this situation. Still dangerous though!
Yes, as flashing lights that would certainly send some into an epileptic fit, go blaring past me in the night.
No, I’m not epileptic. But those lights have given me a headache, nonetheless.
Yes, with truck full of ones college necessities.
No, fish are not a college necessity.
Yes, with lap full of said necessities.
No, lap is not enjoying necessities.
Yes, as necessities in truck bed are getting sleeted upon.
No, necessities in back are not waterproof.
Yes, as teenager in front of me got out of his vehicle and is now performing “The Moonwalk” for all of us stranded journeymen and women.
No, “The Moonwalk” was not performed quite like that.
Yes, as the perfect arrow between the “E” and the “X” on the Fed Ex truck to my right is ironically point me back in the direction of either home, Canada, or at least away from some sort of accident.
No, I cannot go back. Life, education, SPRING ARBOR is calling.
Yes, as girl in front of me just grabbed her pink Compaq from her trunk. Maybe she’s blogging too.
No, I do not wish I had a pink Compaq. My white Mac is just fine.

Monday, January 5, 2009


Hey Everybody,
As this Christmas/New Years break is wrapping up for me here in the Thumb (the stay here has been great and much needed), I can't help but feeling ultra-excited for the final semester of school and then...(pause for drum-roll) cross cultural to Japan!!! (I thought about throwing 4 exclamation marks in there, but three should suffice.) For those who might be wondering, I am spending the summer of 2009 in the Chiba Prefecture of Japan. It is an 11 week program in which I will be studying the language and primarily teaching in a Kindergarten. On the weekends, we will have the opportunity to travel, see the sights, and really soak in more of the Japanese history and culture. What an opportunity, right!!?

I feel like this break might be the final long-stretch of time that I spend living with my parents. I'm sure that they will welcome me back to stay if I need a place but it just might never be quite the same. No more summers at home wake boarding and fishing. No more runnin the streets with Mitch and Jackson. Actually, we never really ran any streets...No more Little Caesars!? I can only hope and pray for that one...

All in all, folks, consider me extremely blessed and grateful to have such an awesome opportunity. I can't wait to share my thoughts, pictures, and stories about the trip right here on this blog. In the meantime, I will fill you in on my last semester at SAU!


P.ost S.cript.
So does anyone remember that sweet game for Nintendo called Excitebike? I sure do. That is why I've titled this blog "Exitemike." I am excited for Japan. And life? Sure. Here's a pic to help you remember and reminisce. If anyone still has a working NES, I'll take you on in a game.